Surround KCS SR-12


Surround Channel System

The SR-12 system is specifically designed for high quality two-way surround-channel sound.

This system is a speaker cabinett containing a 12" Ø woofer, and a compression driver with 2" Ø titanium membrane for the high frequencies. Its 90° x 60° constant dispersion horn with 1" Ø mouth results in a large coverage surround sound.

The crossover is passive type, with a 1,500 Hz cut.

The SR-12 has a switch to obtain two different response curves for the installations offering the following possibilities:

(1) (ISO 2969) Response to ISO 2969 cinema surround rolloff curve.

(2)(Flat) Flat response for improved high frequencies.



Cabinet SR-12
Low Frequency driver G-12K
Passive Crossover F-SR-12
High Frequency Driver S-401
High Frequency Horn TR-1K



Frequency Range (-10 dB) :

40 Hz - 20 kHz

Nominal Impedance:

8 Ohms

Continuous Pink Noise (1):

200 W

Continuous Program::

400 W

Sensitivity 1W/1m 97 dB S.P.L.
Crossover Frequency: 1,500 Hz
Horizontal Beamwidth:


Vertical Beamwidth: 60°
Dimensions (H x W x D): 50 x 53 x 27 cm
Net Weight: 17 kg

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