Subwoofer JBL 4645C

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JBL-sub-4645C4645C Single 460 mm (18 in.)
Subwoofer System

The JBL Model 4645C is a high quality subwoofer system, featuring an advanced technology 460 mm (18 in), low frequency transducer mounted in a direct radiator, bass-reflex enclosure for smooth response to the lowest audible frequencies. The 4645C is ideal for low-frequency augmentation of either analog or digital soundtracks in motion picture theaters and for general sound reinforcement applications.




800 Watts Continuous Pink Noise, 1600 Watts Continuous Program Power Handling
Usable response to 22 Hz (-10 dB, no EQ), flat to 22 Hz (-3 dB) with External EQ
2242H SVGTM Super Vented Gap Cooled Driver – High Sensitivity – Minimal Power Compression – Highest Maximum-SPL Capability –
Extremely Low 2nd and 3rd – Harmonic Distortion – Symmetrical Field
Geometry SFGTM – Magnet Structure – Extended Excursion Capability
Approved by Lucasfilm, Ltd. for THX® installations


Rated Impedance

8 ohms

Minimum Impedance

7.2 ohms

Power Handling Capability  -
Continuous Pink Noise 800 watts
Continuous Program 1600 watts
Peak Power

2400 Watts

Output Capability  -
Axial Sensitivity :

50 Hz to 500 Hz; 99 dB, 1W @ 1m
40 Hz to 100 Hz; 97 dB, 1W @ 1m

Power Compression:  -
At -10 dB power (80 W): 0.6 dB
At -3 dB power (400 W):  

2.0 dB

At rated power (800 W):

3.3 dB

Net Weight:

63 kg (138 lbs.)

Dimensions H x W x D:


1010 mm x 674 mm x 450 mm
39¾ in x 26½ in x 17¾ in

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